Winning architecture design projects

Percentage of the building costs The normal method is to charge our fees as a percentage of the ‘contract value’. We have different percentage rates for different types of work and different contract values but as an approximate guide, our fees tend to lie between 12% and 15% of the net building costs (what we refer to as the ‘contract value’). Our overall fees are broken down into stages (or parts of stages) and are invoiced on a monthly basis to our clients.

Time based fees The other method we adopt for charging fees is on a time incurred basis where we charge for the time that is expended on any task or series of tasks associated with the project.  Where it is practical and possible we provide estimates of the amount of time we expect to incur on any of these tasks. Invoices that are time based are submitted monthly to clients with an account of how the time has been spent.  Our time based charge-out rates may vary from time to time, and also may vary due to the complexity and significance of the work undertaken.  For example: to carry out a measured survey, the rate would be £80 per hour. For normal, day-to-day architectural work, our charge-out rates are circa £100 per hour. At the other end of the spectrum, providing expert witness evidence or report writing, or preparing a ‘planning appeal statement’ would incur fees of £200 per hour.

There are some aspects of a building project that are charged on a time basis in addition to the overall percentage-based fee. These are as follows: • Measured surveys.
• Interior design specifications (colour schemes, selection of  specified finishes, furnishings etc).
• Design of purpose made built-in furniture – wardrobes, bookcases, shelving, storage units etc.
• Freestanding furniture items.
• Specialist lighting design.
• Specialist research into specific and bespoke items within a building.
• Party wall negotiations with adjoining owners.
• Liaison with the public utilities companies on a clients’ behalf.